review Victoria's Secret Body Mist

a couple days ago i had a bad bad day, and it drag my mood into the lowest point. wouldn`t wanna stressed so much about it, i went straight to the shower. After a long relaxing bath, as usual, i sprayed my fav fragrance or body mist.. And then suddenly, i feel much better, a bit light about my day and just, well, simply happy.

Then i realized, a good scent can really assists you during bad day.. Biasanya abis mandi aku ngelakuin istilahnya after shower-routine lah ya, you know, body lotion, moisturizer, etc.. aku pake body mist or body fragrance. Bukan parfume loh ya...

A good body mist ngga hanya bikin kamu extra wangi sehabis mandi, tapi wangi nya stay sepanjang hari. One of my favorite body mist is Victoria`s Secret Coconut Passion. wanginya campuran antara Vanilla, coconut and lily. Emang enak? hahaha, that's what i thought, at first!. Ternyata wanginya surprisingly refreshing. Yaiyaalah, ternyata  setelah aku teliti label di belakangnya, produk ini emang dibuat as a refreshing body mist. Plus it has moisturizer on it! A complete product to have your body scented, moisturized and since it lasts for more than 10 hours, i couldnt ask for more :)

Actually, i have a couple of this body mist's series. One is named Coconut Passion (which is my fave), the other one i got named Luscious Kisses. Aku ngga begitu suka yang Luscious Kisses sih, jadi pakenya kadang-kadang aja. Beside those two, i have other series of VS fragrance. One is called 'Love Spell' which is a really sweet scent, and 'Hello Darling' that has a soft refreshing candy scent. Both i love and use like almost everyday. Aku ngga begitu suka aroma pertama dari Luscious Kisses, tapi setelah beberapa lama wanginya jadi lumayan enak.

1) Coconut Passion. Very Refreshing and surprisingly fun
2) Love Spell. All time favorite
3) VS family

Untuk harganya seinget aku semuanya kisaran $20 yah, untuk reseller Indonesia aku kurang tau, mungkin bisa coba googling deh. hehe. Tapi aku rasa untuk body mist 250ml dengan kualitas oke, harga segitu udah murah banget.

Ada yang suka series body mist dari Victoria's Secret, atau maybe brand lain? tell me on the comment bar :)


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